Princey Rock is a social media company that offers account management with a focus on creative viral content. 
You’re wondering, wait, what do these people actually do? Here’s the breakdown:
Creative Direction = Creative concepting for your brand voice, art direction, and content that lives on your social media platforms.
Account Management = Manage day to day operations with your social accounts, post material, and interact with followers.
Content Production = Produce photo and video shoots in documentary or scripted form.
Strategy = We break down what your specific goals are and how we can achieve them by utilizing your social platform.
Princey Rock is a family owned and operated company by partners in business, marriage, and parenthood Sequel and Marti (McFly) Smith. As award winning filmmakers, the duo is able to bring a meaningful storytelling aspect to all of their work. Sequel is a writer/director and Marti is a producer/writer. Their wheelhouse allows them to take an idea from inception to completion seamlessly. 
We value authenticity and honesty in an industry of smoke and mirrors. Our mission is to create culturally relevant, authentic, and engaging content that moves the viewer.